Now that you have completed your non-surgical periodontal therapy, it's time for us to review your future  continued care or "maintenance".

Periodontal disease is an invasive disease caused by microscopic bacteria, it must be closely monitored to prevent a specific "flare up" and to control the amount of damage that the bacteria can cause within the gum tissue wall and around the bone.

Clinical research shows us that invasive bacteria begin to build in the pocket wall almost immediately following periodontal therapy. We encourage you to perform daily flossing, brushing and the use of other products we have recommended to maintain a controlled state of disease. Let's face it, none of us is may miss a day of home care, or certain "hard to reach" areas and some of us are even "terrific plaque builders".

Because of these and many other factors, we follow the American Academy of Periodontic's Guideline for patient based frequent periodontal maintenance appointments. Guidelines show that the prevention is the key to stabilizing periodontal disease in many cases. We will be providing you with periodontal maintenance therapy on a 3 or 4 month schedule depending on your individual needs.

Our office has built a quality patient oriented practice by providing state of the art therapy to all our patients regardless of insurance benefits. We are committed to treating patients and not treating dental insurance. 



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