Restorative Dentistry Provided by the Dental office of Simona Ziliute in Hickory Hills

Restorative dentistry can address dental problems before more extensive damage occurs, making it an important part of your preventive care. If you have dental issues that have become more serious, restorative dentistry can be used to repair and replace teeth with advanced damage, rejuvenating smiles with treatments that are durable and aesthetically appealing. There is almost no dental issue that restorative dentistry cannot fix, including tooth loss.

With an eye for detail and meticulous care, Dr. Simona Ziliute in Hickory Hills provides excellent restorative care. Her high standards and dedication to quality care ensure that teeth function optimally and retain their natural beauty. Using CEREC technology for the immediate fabrication of lifelike crowns and bridges, Signature Dental Care can also save you valuable time and money. 

Restorative Treatments Provided for Healthy and Beautiful Smiles 

Whether your teeth have small cavities, major damage, been lost or extracted, Dr. Ziliute can provide the customized, quality care you need. Some of the restorative services we provide include:

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Used for a discreet cavity treatment that is durable and natural looking. Made of composite resin, these fillings require minimal alteration to tooth structure and contain no toxic metals. They are seamlessly bonded onto teeth using a curing light.  

Root Canal Therapy: For removal of the inner chamber, or pulp, of a tooth when it has become damaged or infected. This treatment eliminates toothaches and prevents infection from spreading to surrounding teeth and vital organs throughout the body. Root canal therapy also allows the tooth to continue to function normally and prevents the need for extraction.

Porcelain Crowns: Customized caps placed over damaged teeth to protect them from further damage and allow them to function normally. Crowns are very durable and natural looking and will last a lifetime.  

Fixed Bridges: Used to replace one or two teeth with prosthetics that are attached to adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth are capped with porcelain crowns to make them strong anchors and durable restorations that reestablish function. 

Implant Supported Restorations: The most comprehensive and comfortable way to replace teeth, these permanent prosthetics are made of titanium posts that are securely placed into the jaw and topped with lustrous, lifelike crowns. The full force of chewing is restored, and the health of the jawbone is protected. 

Dentures and Partial Dentures: Removable prosthetics that rest on top of the gums, dentures are secured with adhesive paste or metal hooks that clasp onto neighboring teeth. Dentures are made of acrylic and designed to blend with surrounding teeth and gums. 

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Compassionate and conscientious care is the center of our practice, and Dr. Ziliute will make certain you receive excellent treatment, so your smile is healthy and long-lasting. Contact Signature Dental Care in Hickory Hills today!


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